Low Light-
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A Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action aiming to coordinate research and development efforts in academia and industry in low light-level sensoring.

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  • European Astroparticle Physics Strategy 2017-2026 (News) 2018-01-11

    SENSE is mentioned in the recommendation of the new European astroparticle physicists roadmap as best practice example Astroparticle physicists from across Europe have gathered on January 9th in Brussels, alongside their international colleagues and important guests from the European Commission, for the official announcement of the new strategy by the Astroparticle Physics European Consortium (APPEC) which will guide the community’s recommended research priorities over the next ten...

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  • TechForum 21-22 June (Events) 2017-12-22

    SENSE is organizing a Technology Forum on photosensing and associated electronics, in Geneva at the Ècole de Physique on June 21-22, 2018. TechForum is a meeting for researchers and representatives of companies active in photosensing and associated electronics. Recent developments on SiPMs, photomultipliers and other photon-sensing devices and their associated electronics will be discussed. During the TechForum, scientists will show in-depth presentations with technical details of detector...

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  • SENSE: A comparison of photon detection efficiency and optical crosstalk of various SiPM devices (News) 2017-11-24

    The first scientific paper written in the scope of SENSE is now published. It shows a comparison of photon detection efficiency and optical crosstalk of various SiPM devices measured at different test setups. This was a collaborative work of Geneva University, Catania Observatory and Nagoya University and was presented at the NDIP this summer.

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  • Roadmap (News) 2017-11-20

    We are glad to announce that the first version of the SENSE Roadmap is ready for download. This Roadmap aims to define the R&D activities that SENSE would like to follow for the development of the ultimate low light-level sensor(s), mainly for future astroparticle physics projects, but as well for other applications,...

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Low light-level sensors

Detection of light is one of the major, basic principles of measurements and diagnostics in science and many applications. Many applications require single photon detection in various energy domains. The LLL detection in the coming years has the promise of a technology revolution.

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Superconducting transition
edge sensors (TES)

Neganov-Luke light devices

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The project consortium carries out all activities defined in the SENSE work programme, coordinates the R&D activities of the academic research groups and industry partners and is responsible for the implementation of the low-light level R&D roadmap.

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