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A Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action aiming to coordinate research and development efforts in academia and industry in low light-level sensoring.

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  • SENSE at TecDays (Events) 2017-06-13

    In March 2017 our colleagues from the university of Genua presented SENSE at the TecDay at college Rousseau within a module on “The messengers of the Universe”.

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  • SENSE Kick-off (News) 2017-01-28

    In the lovely surroundings of the Carl-Friedrich von Siemens Stiftung at Schloss Nymphenburg in Munich the SENSE Kick-off workshop took place on 27 September. Scientists, international experts and company representatives gathered to signal the start to the SENSE project, which is funded as FET-Open in Horizon 2020. Dr Thomas Berghöfer, the general secretary of APPEC, explained to the audience the long way to SENSE, which was developed after the experience of two APPEC/ ASPERA Technology Fora on...

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  • SENSE Kick-Off 27th of September 2016 (Events) 2017-01-28

    The SENSE project will be funded by the European Commission as a Coordination and Support Action in the domain of Future Emerging Technologies (FET-Open) with the aim of coordinating the research and development efforts in academia and industry in low light level sensoring. This initiative has emerged from the series of Technology Forums organized within the frame of ASPERA and APPEC. SENSE is a three-year project. Starting in September 2016, R&D experts will be invited to prepare an R&D...

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Low light-level sensors

Detection of light is one of the major, basic principles of measurements and diagnostics in science and many applications. Many applications require single photon detection in various energy domains. The LLL detection in the coming years has the promise of a technology revolution.

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Abalone concept

Superconducting transition
edge sensors (TES)

Neganov-Luke light devices

Organic sensors


The project consortium carries out all activities defined in the SENSE work programme, coordinates the R&D activities of the academic research groups and industry partners and is responsible for the implementation of the low-light level R&D roadmap.

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