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SENSE was a Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action aiming to coordinate research and development efforts in academia and industry in low light-level sensoring from 2016-2019.

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In this calendar we record conferences, schools, workshops and other events related to photosensors, astroparticle physics, detector development and neighbouring fields.
In the category SENSE you can find all events organized by the SENSE project.
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Friday 01 September 2023
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  • The SENSE Detector School 2019-08-01

    Photosensor developers seem to like Bavarian castles. Whether it is the international Light Workshop series that is happening at Ringberg Castle near Lake Tegernsee or the ASPERA and APPEC Technology Forums that in the past were organized at Nymphenburg Castle in Munich - this year in June Ringberg Castle again was hosting a group of 32 PhD and master students for the SENSE Detector School. As part of the SENSE program this school was newly designed to train young researchers on photosensors...

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  • Single Photon Detection Workshop 2019-07-31

    On July 10th a Single Photon Detection Workshop at ALBA, the Spanish synchrotron source, took place as a side meeting to the last SENSE workshop hosted by ALBA. Aim of the workshop was to identify the key detector technologies available in the Barcelona area, understand the detection needs of this community, understand their scientific background, and connect this community with the SENSE community providing ultimately new opportunities for research by developing enabling detector...

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  • SENSE: Roadmap of LLLsensors - what comes next? 2019-07-30

    On the 9th of July the SENSE consortium came together with experts and guests for the final workshop at the ALBA synchrotron near Barcelona. The aim of this meeting was to discuss the future continuation of SENSE activities. These discussions already started during the dinner at the evening before and were continued during the whole meeting.

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  • Open position at DESY 2019-07-11

    DESY is advertising a postdoc (f/m/d) position to work on the high-energy telescopes of CTA (SST), focussed on but not exclusively restricted to instrumentation. Deadline is 21st of July 2019.  

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Low light-level sensors

Detection of light is one of the major, basic principles of measurements and diagnostics in science and many applications. Many applications require single photon detection in various energy domains. The LLL detection in the coming years has the promise of a technology revolution.

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Abalone concept

Superconducting transition
edge sensors (TES)

Neganov-Luke light devices

Organic sensors


The project consortium carried out all activities defined in the SENSE work programme, coordinated the R&D activities of the academic research groups and industry partners and was responsible for the implementation of the low light-level R&D roadmap.

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