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SENSE supports TMG

header zwischenseite 11SENSE supports a local school close to the Campus North of KIT with the fundig of a class set of the German science magazin "Spektrum der Wissenschaft" and cooperates for the development of a show-case experiment. The Thomas-Mann Gymnasium in Stutensee and the Particle and Astroparticle Physics Groups from KIT cooperate already for several years including lectures for the pupils or trips to CERN.

Astroparticle School 2018 in Obertrubach

atlogoThe Astroparticle School is a well-established school taking place in the region of the Trubachtal, north of Nuremberg in Germany, supporting the further education of students and young postdoctoral scientists in the field of astroparticle physics.

In October 2018, they could celebrate its 15th edition and various professors and guests from whole Europe gave their contribution to the scientific program in topics including among others Gamma astronomy, neutrino physics, multimessenger astrophysics and dark matter.

TESHEP summer school

bandeau V2 TES HEP 2018Around 40 students participated in the 12th Trans-European School of High Energy Physics (TESHEP).The school took place in Poltava, Ukraine from July 13th to July 20th, 2018. TESHEP is mostly oriented to Master students, however several bachelor and also PhD students were present too. The core lecture program addresses Experimental Particle Physics, Standard Model and Beyond, Cosmology, Statistics and Instrumentation. The practical sessions on Instrumentation were organised and given by the SENSE member Dr. Andrii Nagai.

SENSE TechForum

Poster TechForum smallOur SENSE TechForum on photosensing and associated electronics took place in Geneva at the Ècole de Physique on June 21-22, 2018. Around 90 people found their way to sunny Geneva and took the opportunity to discuss about photosensor developments. Researchers and representatives of companies active in photosensing and associated electronics took part to exchange recent developments on SiPMs, photomultipliers and other photon-sensing devices and their associated electronics.