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SENSE at TecDays

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In March 2017 our colleagues from the University of Geneva presented SENSE at the TecDay at college Rousseau within a module on “The messengers of the Universe”.

TecDays is an initiative of the SATW (Schweizerische Akademie der Technischen Wissenschaften) to promote technical understanding and stimulate curiosity about technical and scientific training at secondary schools all over Switzerland. In different modules the fascination of technology and science is made accessible for young people. The modules are presented by individuals from industry, universities and research institutes and within 90 minutes an interactive presentation of their working field is offered to the students.

SENSE Kick-off

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In the lovely surroundings of the Carl-Friedrich von Siemens Stiftung at Schloss Nymphenburg in Munich the SENSE Kick-off workshop took place on 27 September.

Scientists, international experts and company representatives gathered to signal the start to the SENSE project, which is funded as FET-Open in Horizon 2020.
Dr Thomas Berghöfer, the general secretary of APPEC, explained to the audience the long way to SENSE, which was developed after the experience of two APPEC/ ASPERA Technology Fora on photosensors, and discussions on the LIGHT and other conferences to coordinate and support R&D activities towards the ideal low light-level photosensor.