Experts Group

We want to introduce our experts group with short interviews:

Andrey Formozov

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Andrey Formozov had recently joined our expert group. He brings his expertise in low light-level sensors to neurobiology. In his pilot project, he wants to develop a technique for neural circuit interrogation with unprecedented sensitivity in freely behaving animals.

Giovanni Bonanno

20190121115417 foto mia
Giovanni Bonanno from INAF - Catania is active in different areas within SENSE: he is an important part of the experts group but also his lab signed the MoU and contributed to the common characterization studies of SiPM within SENSE. Working at the Catania Astrophysical Observatory Laboratory for Detectors (COLD) his main area of expertise is electronics.

David Gascon

DavidGascon klein

David Gascon is technical director of the ICCUB and technical director of UB instrumentation service "Servei IDEAS UB" (SiUB). He is working on the development of read-out electronics for scientific and industrial instrumentation - from low-noise and high speed front end electronics to digital back-end acquisition systems, including slow control and monitoring electronics - and on the design of hardware and software for particle physics experiments, astrophysics and medical imaging.

Sergey Vinogradov

20190121123817 Vinogradov 1
Sergey Vinogradov from the Lebedev Physical Institute (LPI) is mostly focusing on probabilistic modeling and performance analysis, characterization, and applications of SiPM in Russian and worldwide collaborations and projects (SENSE, FAST, CERN CMS).