A Mini-Telescope for Cosmic Rays

fig1 smallsciences unige logo.gifThe mini-telescope was developed for outreach purposes and to investigate the behavior of a readout ASIC coupled to large SiPM sensors. The outreach scope is to increase
the interest in gamma-ray astronomy, cosmic rays, as well as detector physics. This project is the result of a collaboration between the Multi-Messenger High-Energy Astrophysics group of the Particle Physics Department (DPNC) and the Department of Astronomy at the University of Geneva.

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SENSE Detector School

Flyer School Druck.pdfWe are happy to announce the SENSE Detector School at the Ringberg Castle in Kreuth am Tegernsee in Bavaria, Germany, from 19 - 22 June 2019. The 2.5 days mini-school for PhD and master students aims to inform about the forefront developments on low light-level detectors.
The speciality of the school is the small group of students with a continuous possibility to discuss with the teachers

The participation of 25 students is sponsored by SENSE. You can apply for the school until 3 May 2019 with a letter of motivation. The nomination of participants will be announced on 10 May 2019. We aim to achieve a balanced mix of working topics as well as gender and nationalities.If required, childcare can also be organised.

As soon as the timetable has been finalised, a decision will be made on a possible contribution from the students.

More information and registration: https://indico.cern.ch/event/791832/