The SENSE Detector School

Photosensor developers seem to like Bavarian castles. Whether it is the international Light Workshop series that is happening at Ringberg Castle near Lake Tegernsee or the ASPERA and APPEC Technology Forums that in the past were organized at Nymphenburg Castle in Munich - this year in June Ringberg Castle again was hosting a group of 32 PhD and master students for the SENSE Detector School. As part of the SENSE program this school was newly designed to train young researchers on photosensors and their application in science projects and in innovative commercial products.

Single Photon Detection Workshop

announcementOn July 10th a Single Photon Detection Workshop at ALBA, the Spanish synchrotron source, took place as a side meeting to the last SENSE workshop hosted by ALBA. Aim of the workshop was to identify the key detector technologies available in the Barcelona area, understand the detection needs of this community, understand their scientific background, and connect this community with the SENSE community providing ultimately new opportunities for research by developing enabling detector technology.

Open position at DESY

DESY logo 3C webDESY is advertising a postdoc (f/m/d) position to work on the high-energy telescopes of CTA (SST), focussed on but not exclusively restricted to instrumentation.

Deadline is 21st of July 2019.


Single Photon Detection Workshop at ALBA

Satellite Workshop to the Expert Group meeting of the SENSE initiative

Detectors capable of detecting a single photon are an enabling technology for many scientific and engineering disciplines. By increasing detection efficiency, time resolution, energy resolution and spatial resolution, new instrumentation can be developed or existing systems improved providing unprecedented sensitivity ultimately allowing to address problems on the forefront of science and technology.

The final meeting of the SENSE initiative, will take place at the Spanish Synchrotron light source Alba in Barcelona on July 9th. Using this opportunity, Alba would like to organize a satellite workshop on July 10th allowing a broader Spanish and Catalan community to interact with the members of the SENSE Expert group. Goal of this meeting is to connect developers and technology providers of the region with the Expert group members. The meeting will cover a wide spectral range (from IR to gamma-rays) and is focused on the following sensor and detection technologies:

  • Vacuum detectors like photo multiplier tubes (PMT) and multichannel plate detectors (MCP)
  • Silicon- photomultipliers (SiPM)
  • Other low-level light sensors like
    • Superconducting transition edge sensors (TES)
    • Neganov-Luke light devices
    • Organic sensors
    • Abalone concepts

In addition, all necessary auxiliary technology, like Application Specific Integrated Circuitry (ASIC) development, acquisition electronic development, and data management will be included in the discussion.

The meeting will provide an overview of the SENSE project, selected talks about technology developments and applications, and a round table discussion focused on possible collaborations in the different spectral ranges.

Registration and further information: