Our colleagues from the University of Geneva published a paper on arXiv about the Characterisation of a large area silicon photomultiplier, the hexagonal SiPM S10943-2832(X) device.


This paper illustrates the definition and the measurement methods of the main silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) features, such as photon detection efficiency as a function of over-voltage and wavelength, dark count rate, optical cross-talk, after-pulse probability. Moreover, several methods for the measurement of the breakdown voltage VBD from the current-voltage IV curve, such as the "relative derivative", the "inverse relative derivative", the "second derivative", the "third derivative" and the `IV model" are compared. These methods are applied to a very large area monolithic device: the hexagonal SiPM S10943-2832(X) device, of area (1 cm2), which has been developed in collaboration with Hamamatsu. We describe the measurements of the performance at room temperature of this device.



A. Nagai, C. Alispach, V. Coco, D. della Volpe, M. Heller, T. Montaruli, S. Njoh, Y. Renier, I.Troyano-Pujadas, all from Department de physique nuclaire et corpusculaire, Universite de Geneve, 24 Quai E. Ansermet,Switzerland



A. Nagai et al., Characterisation of a large area silicon photomultiplier, 2018, arXiv: 1810.02275