Poster TechForum smallconsortium logo www h150 UNIGESENSE is organizing a Technology Forum on photosensing and associated electronics, in Geneva at the Ècole de Physique on June 21-22, 2018.

TechForum is a meeting for researchers and representatives of companies active in photosensing and associated electronics. Recent developments on SiPMs, photomultipliers and other photon-sensing devices and their associated electronics will be discussed. During the TechForum, scientists will show in-depth presentations with technical details of detector designs and required key components for many current and future applications. Further information is given on project timelines, required R&D, technology decisions, funding, procurement and construction plans. New ideas and R&D on them will be discussed.

Technology experts from industry are invited to present their latest products fitting the needs of the projects. Challenges in optimizing current technology and manufacturing of key components in quantities and qualities required by astroparticle and high-energy physics, medical and other application projects shall be addressed.

The Technology Forum will last almost 2 days during which we will work on specific topics:

  • Applications for low light level detectors;
  • Presentation from industry;
  • Funding Opportunities for new developments;

The meeting will include a discussion panel with industrial developers and testers to provide feedback on existing sensors and understand potential improvements. 

The forum will take place on 21/22nd of June 2018 in Geneva. The agenda of the meeting is in the Indico page The detailed agenda and keynote speakers will be provide in the first months of 2018. Please register early!>