header zwischenseite 11SENSE supports a local school close to the Campus North of KIT with the fundig of a class set of the German science magazin "Spektrum der Wissenschaft" and cooperates for the development of a show-case experiment. The Thomas-Mann Gymnasium in Stutensee and the Particle and Astroparticle Physics Groups from KIT cooperate already for several years including lectures for the pupils or trips to CERN.

Since last year SENSE overtook the funding of the magazine which was formerly done by HAP (Helmholtz Alliance for Astroparticle Physics) The level of the journal ranges between scientific publications and popular science information for an interested and scientifically educated public and is therefore ideally suited for the usage in a classroom.

03.TMG KIT The students got a certificate for their work at KIT
Credit: TMG Stutensee

In return some students help us with the development of our show-case experiement for the measurement of cosmic muons, the SiPM Cosmic Can. On a weekly basis they came to Campus North to learn about the daily work of scientists. After an introduction to the experiemental setup they did some measurements themselves to help developing a transportable und pupil friendly experiment. Furthermore they learned about data analyses and gave feedback on the exercises accompanying the experiment.