bandeau V2 TES HEP 2018Around 40 students participated in the 12th Trans-European School of High Energy Physics (TESHEP).The school took place in Poltava, Ukraine from July 13th to July 20th, 2018. TESHEP is mostly oriented to Master students, however several bachelor and also PhD students were present too. The core lecture program addresses Experimental Particle Physics, Standard Model and Beyond, Cosmology, Statistics and Instrumentation. The practical sessions on Instrumentation were organised and given by the SENSE member Dr. Andrii Nagai.


The practical session had two main parts:

  • Short lecture about low light level detectors: Our colleague gave an introduction about light and commonly used methods for light detection;
  • Practical work with students on studies of SiPM signal shape and it simulation: During this part students studied the electrical model of SiPM devices. Under the direction of Dr. Nagai they built their own simulation of SiPM signals in LTspice software ( SPICE based simulation software). Such kind of simulation is typically used to study the SiPM signals and as a result to adapt the readout electronics for a given application.

Also, Dr. Nagai brought all necessary materials to build a simple muon detector based on SiPM devices, plastic scintillator and USB-Oscilloscope. This detector was available during coffee breaks for all student for deeper understanding of how low light detectors can be used for particle detection in High Energy Physics.

Hopefully the students enjoyed their summer school and are back at work with renewed vigour.