The proceedings of the 26th E+CRS are published! Among the papers is also our article about SENSE. It gives an overview about all the SENSE activities.

SENSE - Ultimate Low Light-Level Sensor Development


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SENSE, a roadmap for the ideal low light-level sensor development is a projectfunded by the European Commission under Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) OpenCoordination and Support Action (CSA). It aims at coordinating, monitoring, and evaluatingthe R&D efforts of research groups and industry in advancing low light-level (LLL) sensorsand liaise with strategically important European initiatives and research groups and companiesworldwide.The projects objectives are: (1) to conduct the development of a European R&D roadmaptowards the ultimate LLL sensors, and to monitor and evaluate the progress of the developmentwith respect to the roadmap, (2) to coordinate the R&D efforts of research groups and industryin advancing LLL sensors and liaise with strategically important European initiatives andresearch groups and companies worldwide, (3) to transfer knowledge by initiating informationand training events and material, (4) to disseminate information by suitable outreach activities.The consortium has four partners: the Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron (Coordinator),Germany; the Université de Genève, Switzerland; the Max-Planck Institute for Physics,Germany and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. Several international experts forall areas of LLL development are involved in SENSE, some advise the project n the ExpertsGroup and the others in the working group of the project which is regulated by a CooperationAgreement.


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