On Wednesday afternoon, September 13th, Katharina Henjes-Kunst had the opportunity to present the SENSE project and its latest news to the participants of the Mount Elbrus Conference: from Deep Underground up to the Sky. The conference took place from September 11th to 15th and is continuing the series of APPEC-Russia events that started in 2016 with the Lake Baikal Three Messenger Conference. This year the conference was held close to the Baksan Neutrino Observatory, a unique complex of surface and underground experimental facilities, to feature its 50th anniversary in 2017.



conferencephoto klein 2The conference provides the opportunity to discuss how to confine nature and underlying physical processes in the universe by making use of low background experiments in Deep Underground Laboratories, multi-messenger aspects related to these topics and the theory. Scientific results achieved with current astroparticle experiments are shown and discussed together with upcoming experimental opportunities in Russia, Europe and worldwide. A detailed look is taken on future requirements and potential synergies with other fields in science requiring a low background environment. This conference offers an opportunity for the astroparticle physics community in Europe, Russia and worldwide to foster the cooperation on astroparticle physics in Deep Underground Laboratories.

Many of the presented experiments are using photosensors within their detectors and the talk about SENSE and the idea of a European Roadmap for low light-level sensors was met with high interest.

Further information and material from the conference is available here.