SENSE was at the 8th New Developments in Photodectection (NDIP) conference in Tours, France.

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The 8th NDIP international conference gathered about 240 physicist, engineers, technicians and students working in instrumentation for photodetection. NDIP covers different types of detectors – from solid state, vacuum, gaseous, organic detectors or new sensing media in many applications fields (nuclear physics, particle physics, astroparticles, astronomy and astrophysics, beam line diagnostics, synchrotron radiations and free electron laser instrumentation, medical and biology, societal applications).

Poster Nagai NDIPThe organising committee of the conference gave SENSE the possibilty to present the work with a talk as well as a poster: On the evening of the second day, the coordinator of SENSE, Katharina Henjes-Kunst from DESY, gave a short introduction talk on SENSE and the goals of the project. Andrii Nagai from UNIGE, presented during the poster session on thursday a poster with the latest results of the work of WP2, led by Teresa Montaruli, UNIGE. Both contribution were appreciated by the audience – many questions and contacts were received afterwards. It became clear, that an European coordination of development within LLL sensors was missing before, although the user community is huge and covers many application fields.

During the third day of the conference, the experts group of SENSE came together to discuss the next steps of the roadmap, which is one of the major aims of SENSE. CEA as local organiser gave the possibilty to meet directly at NDIP. Results of this experts meeting will lead to a draft of the roadmap which will be presented during LIGHT workshop in Ringberg in October 2017.