ICASiPMThe International Conference on the Advancement of Silicon Photomultipliers (ICASiPM) was held in Schwetzingen from 11th to 16th of June. A major goal of the meeting was to bring together scientists from around the world, who are experts in silicon photomultipliers (SiPM) and discuss how to standardize the characterization of SiPMs. SiPM characterization has emerged as an important topic over the past few years and it is generally perceived as a necessity in the community to unify the definition of SiPM parameters and streamline the measurement procedures. Standardized procedures and definition will streamline of information on data sheets, simplify the simulation of SiPMs in applications and ultimately accelerate application and SiPM developments.

In lively discussions at the meeting it came clear that the goal of standardization is ambitious and a lot of work still needs to be done but the task is met with large support by users and producers alike.

It was decided that a paper should be published that eventually could evolve into a reference for silicon photomultiplier characterization. Writing the paper has started and contributions are welcome.

Prior to the meeting working groups had been established, which continue to meet and contribute to the common paper. The different working groups are listed below:

  • Photon Detection Efficiency

  • Large Scale Characterization

  • Nuisance Parameters

  • (Non-)Linearity

  • Cryogenic

  • Radiation Damage

  • Timing

  • Electrical Properties

  • SiPM modeling for simulations in applications

Parties interested in contributing to the paper are encouraged to contact the working group conveners listed on icasipm.org.

Standardization of SiPM characterization is one of the SENSE objectives, which is why SENSE sponsored ICASiPM. SENSE will also support in the writing of the reference paper by providing access to the SENSE forum (https://www.sense-pro.org/sense-forum/icasipm), which is used as discussion platform for the different working groups and is open for everybody. You just have to register (https://www.sense-pro.org/login/registration-form-neu) as an user to start discussion.