DavidGascon klein

David Gascon is technical director of the ICCUB and technical director of UB instrumentation service "Servei IDEAS UB" (SiUB). He is working on the development of read-out electronics for scientific and industrial instrumentation - from low-noise and high speed front end electronics to digital back-end acquisition systems, including slow control and monitoring electronics - and on the design of hardware and software for particle physics experiments, astrophysics and medical imaging.

What are the most important steps you took on your way to become a photosensor expert?

For me the participation in different instruments, like LHCb, CTA, medical imaging and space, was very important.

Tell us a bit about your daily work:

Currently I am interested in hybrid (using vertical integration) sensors, combining sensing elements and readout. I am also interested in new sensors.

Does your institute offer some activities for students? What kind of activities?

As University we offer bachelor, master and PhD. We also organize international schools. And we can host students for internships.

Which part of the SENSE project is for you the most important?

The networking, the discussion and the courses.

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