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SENSE: A comparison of photon detection efficiency and optical crosstalk of various SiPM devices

The first scientific paper written in the scope of SENSE is now published. It shows a comparison of photon detection efficiency and optical crosstalk of various SiPM devices measured at different test setups. This was a collaborative work of Geneva University, Catania Observatory and Nagoya University and was presented at the NDIP this summer.


logo roadmap

We are glad to announce that the first version of the SENSE Roadmap is ready for download. This Roadmap aims to define the R&D activities that SENSE would like to follow for the development of the ultimate low light-level sensor(s), mainly for future astroparticle physics projects, but as well for other applications, e.g. in medical diagnostics.


ringberg smallLast week the 9th LIGHT workshop took place at Ringberg Castle (right). In the wonderful surroundings of a sunny autumnal Tegernsee region we had lively discussions on the latest photosensor developments. Participants from both, science and industry, shared their previous progress and their ideas for future developments.

On Wednesday we presented the SENSE project on top of Mount Wendelstein. Beside a short presentation on the project's management and the results from the SiPM measurements we introduced and discussed in this summit session the roadmap for the ultimate LLL sensors.

Mount Elbrus Conference

On Wednesday afternoon, September 13th, Katharina Henjes-Kunst had the opportunity to present the SENSE project and its latest news to the participants of the Mount Elbrus Conference: from Deep Underground up to the Sky. The conference took place from September 11th to 15th and is continuing the series of APPEC-Russia events that started in 2016 with the Lake Baikal Three Messenger Conference. This year the conference was held close to the Baksan Neutrino Observatory, a unique complex of surface and underground experimental facilities, to feature its 50th anniversary in 2017.



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